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Project Description

Rianne de Villeroy has made a few mistakes too many over the course of the last school year. She fully expects some consequences for her actions. However, when she’s pulled out of her British boarding school and sent to a day-school in Mumbai so her parents can ‘keep an eye’ on her whilst her father is posted in the city, she feels they’re taking punishment too far. What would she, a world traveler at the young age of thirteen, possibly have in common with Indian teenagers? The answer is a lot more than she thought.

She begins writing a blog, as a way of staying up-to-date with the lives of her friends back in England. But pretty soon, they’re the ones keeping up with her. Everyone wants to know whether the extremely mysterious, Yellow House prefect, Siddarth, will finally ask her out. Then there’s the sinister voyeur who can’t stop posting compromising videos of the popular students. And when the long-lost heir to a multi-national company surfaces in her school, ever her Grandfather begins to take notice of her life.

With all the excitement, it’s little wonder that the academic year flies by. Amid notorious parties, relationship dramas and exams, she must also solve some intriguing mysteries. Will Rianne manage to get her happy ending before she returns to England?
The Novel is being published by Approach Entertainment and will be on Bookstores soon.