Approach Entertainment Films Productions is an award winning films productions house based in Mumbai, India working for Feature Films, Advertising Films, Music Videos, Short Films, Viral and Line Productions services. The fast growing films productions house in India is doing excellent work in Creative and with Integrated Production capabilities. Approach Entertainment Films Productions is a team of People who has passion for Good films and creative work. The films productions company is offering Integrated services in Films Productions covering Feature Films, Advertising Films, Music Videos, Viral and Digital.

Approach Entertainment Films Productions has a vision to be India’s Top Films Productions house and we are relentlessly working to achieve that vision. With our outstanding work in Advertising, Bollywood, Music and Digital, we are poised to grow in Film and Entertainment industry. Approach Entertainment Films Productions team of creative and production people is making things happen. The films productions house in India is also foraying into Bollywood Films Productions under its own banner soon.

Approach Entertainment Films Productions is a Mumbai based Films Productions company with an integrated approach to the whole film making business. It is an art form for us with a specific objective to deliver be it advertising films we do or feature films we are working on. Even in music industry, we do have the objective to make outstanding music videos for our own label and other artists. Approach Entertainment Films Productions is having a mission to be India’s most loved films productions house doing excellent creative work with right production values.

Approach Entertainment Films Productions is headquartered  in Mumbai  with its own operations in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Goa and Jalandhar and a representative network in All other cities of India. The films productions house is having pan India presence for  All productions services. The films productions company is having very strong network in Bollywood through its Celebrity Management division and already working with top films directors, writers, producers, executive producers and post production experts in India.



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